Thank youuuu

i reall happy to hear yoko voice in panorama. all thanks to you...
my album still in the way.. i think i will go near japan if this will take half month..
but still .. thankssssss ..


Kanjani8 will release panorama next week 10/12 Oct.. I finally realized that I did not post anything early. I busy with real world (my work as engineer). Today is free day after other work(my work as a private teacher)... I didn't sub anything too because there's no reason to to it.. I am boring with Korea lately. Kanjani8 only my medicine...i active on my twitter.. I really want to know something.. Did anyone know about this show?

I wanna search this video but I don't know about this show.. I know this is TOKIO show.
I search for honma dekka kanjani8 before 2014. I have 2014 and 2015 with sub. But didn't find before 2014. Don't know which episode...
(cap:picture from twitter owner)

arashi virus

today i make my friend who love KPOP so much. fallin in love with Jun. I mean MJ. I Watch Shitsuren with Her and karaoke Arashi song .... and she fallin with Nino too.. for the first time she said 'who is the handsome one in there?" .. she pointed Nino at Ai Wo Sakebe PV when arashi practice dance. he wear cap and look really handsome.
today is full of introduce Arashi .
she watch power of paradise too. i really love to spread arashi virus.
next maybe i will spread kanjani8 virus.

and photo from today is....

it come from
i love their concept.


today is #AAA11anniversary .. they finally publish they new album .. title 涙のない世界 歌詞aka Namida No Nai Sekai .. 

so there's Yell and Jewel too in this album

i love shuta hair... anyway ... Namida no nai sekai
english lyric.. i try to find out what the meaning of this song
(please don't be angry or something)
i buy it..but indonesia always get jpop album last...

Namida No Nai Sekai english lyric

Hey hesitant 2 people
When the finger dancing in the air is touch so
I was aware of the love of the beginning
Hey ambiguous boundary between the mistake correct answer
Even overstep so
I'm sure do not know anyone

Like Hey footprints carved on top of the snow
Like of going love with which disappear with time so
Hey every day of memories that have been drawn by 2 people
It's hubris Nante continue so forever

If you there is a world without tears
I want to go with you in too late
Say even just a dream even in vision
I want smiling to you again that day

Granted to the scenery seemed to there
Snow is gone dirty white
In words that also hugged the tens of thousands of times
Is a body temperature of that day is no longer
Color and taste even smell also lost everything
As of this town

I believe forever
Like the wind to wrap you

This leave you of that if go without a smile the world
Want Banii
Say even just a dream even in vision
I want smiling to you again that day

Modest bouquet
Petals fluttering in the wind
Smell that are similar to you
Just my imagination

please watch it on youtube too.. officially out now.. (that's why i love avex, easy to get PV)
i love this ship together in one frame

and my favourite one... shuta and hidaka on one scene together is really amazing... shuta sing really well.. i love concept PV. simple but beautifull.
i wonder how they perform it... (i don't wanna miss it)

and kanjani8 will make album out too.... arashi already out power of paradise single album.. AAA too
i hope they perform in one channel ... i will watch it and go crazy with it...








i will write some .... emm.. last night i watch 8uppers movie.
and my comment is... they are funny as usual..but movie is too short.. omona.
yoko not scene stealer .. baru and dokkun are the scene a sweet tacchon with baby and cold image.. i am sorry.. tacchon acting was good..but i couldn't resist my self from laugh. he's too different on 8uppers. yoko is leader .... i keep thinking about that.

yoko is the one who lead eito and eighter together when concert finish.. the one who have plot in short scene concert.. why he's not the leader?
maybe that's job for the older one. i know that. hehehehe

i like black take the lead... it suit him.
leader is someone who lead but look idiot and lazy at same time. leader is someone who didn't talk much. there's co leader who take mc job. it's like ohno and sho chan... and it's like GD and Daesung.. and the youngest one is always someone who  less respect older tacchon.MJ.and seungri..but they are cool and sweet at same time.

always like that. team idol always like that.
i like that. as i mention before ...... i always love the older one
GD (bigbang) Ohno (arashi) Yoko(kanjani8) N(vixx) Scoups (seventeen)
i love the different one
shuta (AAA) Mino (winner) mark(nct) inoo(hsj)

huahahahaha i talk to much this morning (it's morning in indonesia)

yoko - trickster
ohno - akatsuki
GD - crayon
shuta - baby dont cry
mino - okey dokey

today i feel gloomy.. i will talk much. hell yeah

Hello Black!

i fallin in love with yoko  ... after know he's chicken mania too like me. chicken mania !!! let's gather together!!!
i watch jussai and juke box last day..
first time yokocho play tora-chan... he's nervous.. that's cool expression .. i watch batsu 24hr too... he said everything about that performance.😂😂😂😂😂😂

i found this pict on pinterest ... he always bullied by other members because he's too white... i hope he always white.. i like that. maybe he can go to alaska to compare with alaska polar bear...

i like how yokocho and tacchon joke or interaction together. weird but funny. wkwkwkwkw 😀😀😀

well i am sad ON will be finish this week. i hope 10 ep pleaseeeee... why they cut it. i am dying for shoji

anyway... i like yasu...emmm..yasusu today hahaha..
he has many talent.. i will like him more.. he's so cool when perform in concert too. they cool...but yasu seems more shining when concert. dunno why.

i am indonesian... and i like it because i finally can watch ER2!!!!!!!!!! thanks jiyuufansub

i love with him after soshite dare mo inaku natta.... inoo kei HSJ!

after all my celebration and happiness
i sad because i can't watch AAA asia tour... they didn't come to indonesia... last year i am too busy and didn't know they come. my bad luck.. shutaaaaaaa sorry

this is shuta sueyoshi.. from AAA's not jhonnys's avex..
i love him first in my first journey to love japan again. they are cool too. AAA is good group with really great song. maybe they   must have some tv show or come as guest. it's hard just see they sing. i want talkshow.

anyway..thats from me..jaaaneee

YokoKura OhMiya

this is really something..the older one and the young one.. they adorable right..

this looks like better than adam eve concept huhu

they now partner for ikemen cameramen sport.. kkk..they win together even they are not ikemen like ryo and subaru..miracle haha

i get it from pinrest....fufufufu...


What is this... My genre for drama is really something

today i watch lost ID aka soshite dare mo inaku natta (i hope i am not wrong to spell it) kkkkkk... i watch ON too...
it makes my day.

it's really something..suspense criminal thriller.. i am done for love story.. i love something like sekamuzu..ohno samejima sacho really adorable .. i think samejima sacho really looks like ohno in real life. kkkkkk

my two fav ohno and yoko now active ... well i really love it.
i hope i can see ohno yoko and fujiwara-san work again
i love this one too

it come from ST drama 2 (16 ep) you know i work so hard to find season 1 and movie .. and finally i watch all of them.
i hate light on death note but i like tatsuya fujiwara (even he's father now) sometimes he's funny sometimes he's genius and annoying fufufufufu

ahhh i forget.. i watch nobunaga concerto the movie too..

okay.. oguri-san really funny at drama and movie is so serious..   i cry when oda and wife can meet anymore.. i cry so much (sorry) because they story on drama and it ended at movie.

and this is my story full of my watch list~~~blublubblub (maru virus attack me) jaaaa neee

i search gakku from twitter... thanks god i have it now. .kkk

I just wanna dance and go crazy

i really hate the fact that many people interest just on love drama..... my favourite one really take long time to sub.
okay... finally i get my korea back. after i delete 40gb data of kpop because i am bored.. finally BLACKPINK get my sense of kpop back. I love them. YG make something good ...and W kdrama is really something you must watch.

okay okay thats my thought about kpop today.
i still in love with kanjani8 and arashi.. i try to love hey!say!jump! and... i didn't fall in love with them.. i love yuto drama but i dont love hey!say!jump! .. dunno.. maybe i just fallin for the older one in JE. i don't love boy, i love man (bgm : Lisa rap on bombayah) ...

and finally i have kanjani8 pv complete!!!!!!! sugoi !!! i love yoko now and forever hahahahaha
he never person.
i love ohno today.. ohmiya..hahaha
because i watch sekai mizukashi koi.. he's really something..unique and skillfull..
two of my bias is the oldest one in group.. omo!

i watch nobunaga concerto full movie too.. oguri-san is so good!!! dae to the bak! i mix japan and korea now.

i am waiting for assasination classroom, leap over tour aaa (because there is live on will appear on dailymotion later)
i am searching for ER2, 8uppers, kanjanism concert, japonism concert

i am done with kpop.
today zico and seolhyun dating make me mad. i love my bias have love line. but seolhyun or aoa things is not good as a love line. anyway...i am not against it... thats they live. but i will end my love for zico today..because i finally realize he's type that love a girl like that.. seems like he's not cool anymore.. haha
it's not like taeyang choose min hyorin as girlfriend.. good couple.

i wait to see evil yoko appears!!!!!

ohno so adorable...and plot is good .. fun to watch

when maknae and hyung ... take many photo magazine together because adam eve and their drama..

i will come..yoko...really